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Former police executives specializing in third-party, objective workplace investigations.

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About Us

We specialize in workplace investigations, including, but not limited to, internal affairs investigations and complaints involving peace officers. We are experts in the nuances of the Peace Officers Bill of Rights, the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act, and conducting investigations in accordance with existing labor agreements. We recognize the significant negative impacts that agencies experience when conducting their own internal investigations. Not only are these investigations extremely time consuming for an organization, but they often take away from the primary responsibilities of the person(s) conducting the investigation. In addition, handling these sensitive investigations internally is often looked upon suspiciously by the public.  We also know first hand the negative impacts an internal investigation can have on an organization, including mistrust of the administration, fostering an “us vs. them” mentality, loss of productivity and efficiency, and negative impacts to morale.  

Chaplin and Hill Investigative Services eliminates all of that by providing an impartial, third party investigation. We will provide an objective review of facts, conduct a thorough investigation and make a recommendation of findings, if requested. We offer all of this with a short turnaround, competitive pricing and most importantly, unparalleled service and quality. 

In addition to workplace investigations, Tom and Jay are highly experienced investigators in a variety of fields and will utilize that experience to deliver exceptional quality and service for all of your investigative needs.

Meet the Founders

Tom Chaplin & Jay Hill

Thomas Chaplin and Jay Hill have a combined 55 years of varied law enforcement experience, including investigations, supervision and administration. Tom and Jay have demonstrated success in complex criminal and administrative investigations, and personnel disciplinary matters.

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